Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It can predict the near future but one can do the reading for a specific question after 6 months of the first prediction. Often, the situation changes and the result changes according to the querent’s current situation. Though approximate outcome could be predicted for any sector of life be it love/marriage, finance and so on.

There is no hard and fast rule for tarot card prediction but it is advisable not to ask the same question within 6 months of the first prediction. Divine order will misguide in that case.

Yes it works. It could give insight to your present situation and where you need to work for a better outcome whether it’s job, marriage, health or relationship. The accuracy depends on the intuitive power of the reader and willingness to get the correct guidance for his/her client. Accuracy is enriched when the client has complete faith in this entire process.  

No it’s not. Tarot card gives more straight forward answer to client’s question, it might sound harsh sometimes when client is going through a real tough time. In case of Angel or Oracle cards, the deck guides us how to handle the situation and motivates us towards a more positive outlook no matter how much difficulties we are facing in our present life.

Remedies are based on the guidance the divine power is trying to communicate for the client based on the situation or life problem. 369 Tarot will guide you how to follow those remedies and get optimum result out of it. But it is solely your positivity and consistency that make remedies work like magic!!! Here your trust and your positive energy are the key.

You can ask any question but you cannot ask for options since it is the querent’s discretion whether he wants to take for example private job or government job, love or arrange marriage. We could say only what will be the outcome of any situation or event that querent’s opt for. But you cannot ask the date, time, or name. It’s a divination tool so does not give who, where, or when kind of answers.

We will offer prediction through WhatsApp or e-mail. A short video of the shuffling and picking of the card will be provided. A detailed explanation of the reading will be communicated through WhatsApp and e-mail. Turnaround time will be 3-5 business days. We will coordinate once your booking is done and full payment is processed.

No consultation calls will not be entertained. If you have any doubts or need any clarification for the reading, you can revert through WhatsApp or E-mail.

You will get a form on the Website; there you could write the details of your query. I will revert in 3-5 business days and suggest the most suitable package as per your requirement. Even you can directly WhatsApp me: +91-9641321315.

Yes, the payment gateway is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to ensure that your transaction data is 100% safe.

You cannot cancel or ask for a refund once payment is done. However, you can change the consultation day. We will provide you alternate day as per the availability.

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