Black Hakik

Black Hakik

Experience the profound energy and captivating beauty of our Black Hakik Quartz Pyramid. Crafted with precision and care, this stunning pyramid is made from authentic black hakik quartz, known for its grounding and protective properties. Its sleek and polished surface reflects light exquisitely, making it an eye-catching centerpiece for your home or sacred space. Embrace its empowering presence, find balance, and invite positive energy into your life with this remarkable Black Hakik Quartz Pyramid.


Tourmaline is a precious gemstone prized for its clear and beautiful color. Black tourmaline is a frequently utilized color variant among the diverse range of tourmaline gemstones. It holds significant importance within metaphysical and spiritual circles due to its renowned ability to provide protection against Negative Energy. Black tourmaline is also known as Black Hakik. Because it absorbs so much energy, it’s important to cleanse black tourmaline regularly.

ORIGIN:- Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United States

COLORS:- Black

PRIMARY USES:- Absorbs negative energy, transforms negative energy to positive energy, supports grounding, offers psychic protection, pro- vides energetic protection, helps with stress release


PLACEMENT:- Utilize the Root Chakra Stone in various ways to alleviate negative energy: position it directly on or in contact with the root chakra, grasp it in either hand, keep it in your pocket, wear it as an amulet, employ it as a tool to create distance from individuals who exude negativity, place it on your desk or in your vehicle to absorb negative energy, carry it to energetically charged psychic environments, and keep it near your bed to absorb negative energy while you sleep.

Black Hakik/Tourmaline pyramid – Remove Negativity from your life

Black Hakik, also known as Black Tourmaline, is a powerful crystal that has been revered for centuries for its ability to remove negativity from one’s life. Shaped into a pyramid, this crystal becomes even more potent, amplifying its energy and providing a focused force of protection and purification.


Negativity can infiltrate our lives in various forms, such as toxic relationships, self-doubt, stress, or even the influence of external circumstances. However, by incorporating a Black Hakik/Tourmaline pyramid into your life, you can create a shield of positive energy that helps repel negativity and restore balance.

The pyramid shape of the crystal has long been associated with spiritual and mystical practices. Its geometry is believed to enhance and direct energy flow, making it an ideal tool for dispelling negative energies. When placed in a room, the Black Hakik/Tourmaline pyramid acts as a powerful energy purifier, absorbing and transforming negative vibrations into positive ones. It creates a safe and harmonious environment where positivity can thrive.

In addition to its purifying properties, the Black Hakik/Tourmaline pyramid also acts as a protective talisman. It forms an energetic barrier that safeguards against psychic attacks, electromagnetic radiation, and negative influences from others. This crystal assists in grounding and stabilizing your energy, allowing you to navigate challenging situations with clarity and resilience.

To benefit from the Black Hakik/Tourmaline pyramid’s energy, you can hold it during meditation or place it in your living space, office, or bedroom. By doing so, you invite its transformative energy to work in synergy with your intentions, helping you release negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns that no longer serve you.


Remember, incorporating crystals into your life is a holistic practice. While the Black Hakik/Tourmaline pyramid is a powerful tool, it is essential to combine it with self-reflection, mindfulness, and positive action. By consciously working to remove negativity from your life and embracing a positive mindset, you empower yourself to create a happier and more fulfilling existence.

Allow the Black Hakik/Tourmaline pyramid to be your energetic ally in your journey towards a more positive and harmonious life. Embrace its protective and purifying energy, and watch as negativity dissolves, making space for joy, peace, and abundance.

Black Hakik/Tourmaline Pyramid: Live Fearlessly, Surrounded by Positive Energy

The Black Hakik/Tourmaline Pyramid holds the power to dispel negativity and cleanse your home’s energy. Placing this pyramid in your living space, acts as a powerful purifier, dissolving any lingering negative vibrations that may be affecting your well-being. It is a transformative force that eliminates obstacles, self-doubt, and fears, enabling you to cultivate a more positive and optimistic outlook on life.


One of the most remarkable attributes of the Black Hakik/Tourmaline Pyramid is its ability to create a protective shield against external negativity. It acts as a guardian, repelling psychic attacks, electromagnetic radiation, and unwanted influences that may disrupt your tranquility. With this crystal pyramid by your side, your living space becomes a sanctuary, shielding you from negative energies and allowing you to thrive in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

By harnessing the energy of the Black Hakik/Tourmaline Pyramid, you can transform your home into a haven of positivity. Its powerful vibrations permeate the surroundings, infusing them with an aura of optimism and well-being. Embracing the energy of this crystal pyramid enables you to live fearlessly, knowing that your space is a refuge from negativity.

Allow the Black Hakik/Tourmaline Pyramid to guide you on a path of serenity and happiness. Embrace its protective and purifying energy, and watch as your living environment becomes a sanctuary of positive vibrations. Live fearlessly, surrounded by the uplifting energy of this extraordinary crystal, and experience the profound difference it makes in your life.

Black Hakik/Tourmaline: Balancing and Strengthening Your Root Chakra


  • Black Hakik/Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that can assist in maintaining the balance and strength of your root chakra.
  • The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated with stability, grounding, and a sense of security.
  • Placing a Black Hakik/Tourmaline crystal near your root chakra during meditation or wearing it as jewelry can help activate and harmonize this energy center.
  • The crystal’s grounding properties help to anchor your energy and promote a sense of stability and security in your life.
  • Black Hakik/Tourmaline aids in releasing fear, stress, and anxiety, allowing you to feel more grounded and connected to the present moment.
  • It helps to clear energetic blockages and negative influences that may be affecting your root chakra, fostering a sense of balance and strength.
  • By working with Black Hakik/Tourmaline, you can cultivate a stronger connection with your physical body and the Earth, promoting a sense of safety and stability.
  • This crystal also assists in enhancing your overall vitality and resilience, enabling you to navigate challenges with greater ease and confidence.
  • Incorporating Black Hakik/Tourmaline into your daily spiritual practice can support the maintenance of a healthy and balanced root chakra, contributing to your overall well-being and grounding you in the present moment.


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