Personalized Energy Circle

Personalized Energy Circle

What is Personalized Energy Circle?

It’s a circle of accumulated energy customised as per client’s needs. This will be made of switch phrase, switch words, positive affirmations, Bach flower remedies, numbers, symbols and much more. Whether it’s marriage, education, career, attracting abundance these powerful circles could help in bringing good luck to your life faster than usual. These circles are the simplest way of channelising positive energy in your life and attract wealth, relationship, abundance and spirituality.

These circles could be used in many easiest ways:

  • Through water therapy
  • Hanging it to wall
  • Inside your pillow

369 Tarot will guide you entirely throughout these process since every human being is unique and so their remedies will be.

Personalized Energy Circle


Personalized Energy Circle

  • One Customized Circle
  • Made by the Healer (not computerized)
  • Complete Guidance of Usage

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